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Colombian Consulate Atlanta

Colombian Consulate in Atlanta

The Colombian Consulate Atlanta serves as a resource for Colombians living in the southeastern United States and handles things like Colombian visas. Read Tadeo & Silva Law Firm’s guide to the Colombian Consulate Atlanta for more detailed information.

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Colombian Consulate Atlanta

The Colombian Consulate General in Atlanta offers a range of services for foreign nationals, immigrants, and would-be U.S. citizens. In addition to passports and visa assistance, consulates often offer other consular services and resources. Since different consulates provide various services, it is wise to contact the Colombian consulate before visiting if you are seeking visa types and/or passport assistance.

The Consulate General of Colombia in Atlanta is considered a branch office of the Embassy of Colombia located in Washington, DC. Usually, an Embassy of a foreign country is too small and can’t manage to offer consular services to all people in all U.S. states. Hence, the need for local consulates, which are regionally located embassy branches.

For comprehensive assistance navigating the various aspects of the Colombian Consulate General in Atlanta, retaining the assistance of Tadeo Silva Law is recommended.

Questions about the Colombian Consulate Atlanta?

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Consulate General of Colombia in Atlanta

The Consulado Colombiano Atlanta, as it is known to Spanish speakers, is located at 270 Carpenter Drive, NE, Suite 110 Sandy Springs in Atlanta, GA in the United States. The consulate can be reached via telephone numbers (+1) 404 254-3206 and (+1) 404 343-4541. 

It is best to contact the consulate general in Atlanta directly for questions and inquiries concerning passport requirements and visa regulations. Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. However, since they can vary, you should contact the Columbian Consulate Atlanta to confirm the hours before the visit. For an appointment at the Colombian Consulate in the USA, please check the consulate website

Since the consulate general might not be able to assist, the Tadeo Silva Law resource Consulado de Colombia en Atlanta can provide additional information.

Consulado Colombiano Atlanta

Get the Facts on the Consulate General of Colombia in Atlanta

Colombian Consulate Near Me

When seeking a Colombian Consulate “near me,” you may be pleased to discover that there are several besides the Colombian Consulate Atlanta. In fact, Colombia has ten representations in the USA. These include an embassy in Washington, D.C., as well as consulates in the following:

  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • New York
  • Newark
  • Orlando
  • San Francisco

Additionally, the United States has two consulates in Colombia: one in Barranquilla and an embassy in Bogota. A skilled immigration lawyer can direct you to the right one for you.

Colombian Consulate Near Me

Help with Consulate of Colombia in Atlanta GA

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Services Provided by the Colombian Consulate Atlanta GA

There is a range of services individuals can avail themselves of at the Consulate General of Colombia in Atlanta GA. For example, as a Colombian visiting Atlanta, they can assist you with any difficulties you encounter. They can also assist you with travel documents if you are an American citizen who wishes to visit Colombia. 

Or, as a Colombian living in the southeastern US and attempting to gain U.S. citizenship, the Colombian Consulate Atlanta may be able to answer questions for you. On the journey toward citizenship, you will also need to work with the local USCIS in Atlanta for forms and interviews.

Although the staff at the Consulate General of Colombia in Atlanta is very helpful, having a qualified attorney at your side can make any of those processes easier.

Additional Colombia Consulate Atlanta Services

The Colombia Consulate Atlanta immigration system also provides humanitarian aid that permits applicants and their family members to stay in the United States temporarily or permanently, based on the following circumstances:

  • mental or physical abuse
  • natural disasters
  • victims of crimes
  • other dangerous situations

Immigration lawyers in Atlanta (abogados de migracion en Atlanta) are prepared to help direct you to the proper resources.

Services Provided by the Colombian Consulate Atlanta GA

Colombian Embassy in Atlanta Help

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Where Is the Colombian Embassy Atlanta?

Although many believe the Colombian Embassy Atlanta is the same thing as the Colombian Consulate General in Atlanta, the two are not synonymous. The embassy is a permanent diplomatic mission located in Washington D.C. Consulates are scattered throughout the country. 

Colombian Embassy Atlanta GA

As opposed to a Colombian Embassy Atlanta GA, the Colombian Consulate is located in Atlanta. Consulates handle minor diplomatic issues like issuing visas and taking care of migrants, tourists, and expatriates. 

Colombian Embassy GA Expertise

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Where Is the Colombian Embassy Atlanta

The Colombian Embassy Facts You Need

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